By | May 14, 2019

Las Vegas Game Tips:

The game is the soul of Las Vegas. You really do not think that these hotels worth billions of dollars were built by the “winners”, right? Set a daily budget for chances and stick to it! You have a good chance of winning. Hundreds, if not thousands, of “Hand Pay” jackpots are paid daily. Be careful, these chips, chips and ticket / ticket seem to be very “play money”, they are not your real money! Stick to your budget! Did I already say that?

Get a “player card” everywhere and use it. If you are a “table player,” ask your boxing manager for “rank” or “score.” They will keep track of your game and reward you in accordance with all possible free things. Such as food, rooms, clothing, limousines, souvenir shops and even money. It really helps to take advantage of your benefits.

My “budget” always seems very small, but try to make a reasonable daily goal and stick to it, do not touch the budget of tomorrow! Maybe you will leave a big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase “Continue!”

This is not my place to talk, but here are some very useful tips for managing your money in Las Vegas. All the money in the casino that you see everywhere attracts rather obscure characters (read Rogue!). The security is excellent, but always there, and you just need one to spoil the perfect vacation.

Security Las Vegas:

Ladies, bring or buy a small bag with a neck strap, trash can or backpack, which is convenient enough to constantly monitor your man. Never place the bag on the floor, near the machine or on a pallet next to you. This is a magnet of a thief! Keep this tape on your neck.

Most thieves work in pairs, one distracts you, the other takes your bag. They use only a few types of distractions: you throw one or two coins or dollar bills next to you on the floor and ask: “Is your money on the floor?” with you and chatting to keep you informed until your partner picks up your belongings or presses the payment button and leaves with your ticket. You can trust me. It happens. They are very experienced and fast, so stay tuned.

If you have collected several winning tickets, hide them in your wallet or purse until you are ready to buy them, and then save. Do you remember the advice to “leave”?

Men: not humiliating to carry a garbage can. Well, if you just don’t want it, then fold your bills and put them in your front pocket. If you even “stole” your wallet with all your credit cards, you have money or vice versa, just keep them separate. And look at the tickets.

If you pay a high price, you can take money into a safe in your room or in a hotel rack for security. Or request security escort for your room or car. You are pleased to offer this service. Do not go with a lot of money from the casino or the streets!

The security of all hotels and casinos is excellent. With all the thousands of cameras (“Eyes in the sky”) every inch of the casino is played continuously. (Did you know that the law of Nevada requires casinos to have this level of security?) This is for your protection, as well as for hotels / casinos.

Please understand, we do not want to scare you here, but just to attract attention! It is very easy to catch up with all the flashing lights, sounds, flight shows, spectators and the usual casino distractions. Don’t just give a chance to spoil your fun.